About us

USZ Center for Specialist Social Services "FOR THE MOTHER AND CHILD" functions as an Early Intervention Center, which enables coordination of treatment work with children along with team assessments of children's condition, and mutual comparison of the same for the purpose of observing progress and further planning of treatment work.

Registered activity of the Center:

– 88.91 – Activities of daily care of children and youth (with developmental disabilities)
– 86.21 – Activity of general medical practice (treatment, care and rehabilitation)
Specialist social services of the Center:
- Assessment of the condition and diagnostics, counseling work, individual and group treatments (psychologist, pedagogue, social worker, special education specialists of different orientations: speech therapist, audiologist, special educator and rehabilitator, oligophrenologist, typhologist, somatopedist, special pedagogue, etc.);
– SOS telephone services;
– Social habilitation and rehabilitation;
– Daily care of children and youth with developmental disabilities;

Set goal:
– Encouraging sensorimotor, emotional, social and intellectual development;
– Providing overall stimulation;
– Early detection;
– Prevention of secondary consequences of distraction;

Our project activities are intended for:
– For children of early age (0-3 years), which includes stimulating treatments;
– Preschool age, which implies practicing the skills needed for school;
– School age, which includes treatment of specific learning, reading, writing and arithmetic disabilities;
– Adolescents;
– Parents and family;
We deal with the prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of children who have difficulties in development, emotional response and behavior, as well as providing professional help to parents

About us

USZ Center for specialist social services "FOR THE MOTHER AND CHILD" is located in Banja Luka, at Starog Vujadin street number 53.

NEW TARGET GROUP – children in inclusion:

– Schoolchildren from the first to the ninth grade;
– Pre-school children, including children whose school has been postponed for a year;
– Preschool children who do not go to kindergarten for any reason.
- half-day and day care, daily services in the community for people with autism, and disorders of verbal communication, behavior and learning, that is, developmental difficulties (groups with disorders of psychological development according to the ICD-10 classification);
- organizing an extended professional procedure for people with autism;
– counseling-therapeutic and social-educational services (rehabilitation and socialization) with the involvement of professionals;
– counseling center for parents;
– training of professional staff;
The center's team consists of experts of various profiles, depending on the legal regulations and specific needs of the child and his family. The teams include medical and paramedical personnel, special educators and rehabilitators, psychological service, social work service, etc.
Vision: high-quality, dynamic and open approach that includes contemporary world trends in treatment early developmental disorders, an approach that unifies therapeutic work, creation of integrative programs and research of their effects.

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