Online treatment

The advantages of online treatment are:
- the child is not afraid of a new and unfamiliar environment,
- free time is used for constructive purposes,
- saving time.
- Work with children with all developmental difficulties and disorders according to the official classification (individual work plan);
– Stimulative program – early intervention;
- Preparing children for school (exercises for reading, writing, better concentration, attention, memory, exercises to enrich vocabulary and correct language expression);
– Voice correction exercises;
– We work with dyslexic children and youth;
– We work with children and adults who stutter;
– Work with children and youth with antisocial behavior;
- We encourage attention, stimulate motor skills, development of thinking, generalization of knowledge and enrich the child's vocabulary;
– Work with children living abroad where two or more languages are spoken;
– Acquiring academic skills;
– Counseling work with parents, guardians, teaching staff and teaching assistants (individual and group sessions);
– Psychological social support;
– Educational workshops;
– SOS phone;

Introductory steps:
It is necessary that the parent is always present during the treatment, the first treatment is the introduction of the therapist to the child and the parent, family history, observation of the child, after the test we send a report by e-mail, which contains information about the child's condition and recommendations for further work, if if necessary, the expert team proposes treatments and their dynamics, explaining that the duration of the treatment depends on the diagnosis, attention, concentration and age of the child.
At the end of each treatment, the therapist gives exercises to be done until the next visit (online treatment), and sends individual tasks, tips and instructions via e-mail.
Everything is done through a pre-created treatment that is designed for each child, depending on what difficulties they have.
Interesting and diverse materials and contents are used.