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Counseling is a process that helps us to deal with everyday problems, to accept new life challenges, to develop in dealing with the demands of life.
Counseling work implies that the quality of relationships in the family will change, through better self-knowledge, facing one's own abilities, attitudes, limitations and interests, the way of communication, better by getting to know your relationship with the child while teaching about effective approaches to the child.
Counseling of parents and children with developmental disabilities can have different functions:
– CHANGES: It leads to a change of perspective and orientation towards new and deeper levels of understanding of the situation they perceive as a problem.
- PREVENTION: It implies better coping with life changes and situations that require additional adaptation, for example, the child's departure to kindergarten, school, separation from the family.
– IMPROVEMENTS: Which occurs during counseling. Conducting counseling tries to direct parents and children with developmental difficulties towards new and deeper levels of understanding of the problem, taking into account their strengths and developing new strategies in dealing with difficult situations.

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