Training center

The general objectives are to assume a leading role in the development of best practice in the provision of educational and rehabilitation services (in their specific field of work), as well as to help other service providers improve the quality of their services.
In order to achieve the goals, the training center will carry out supervisions, training of specific personnel, and collect information that can help in the development of best practices, establish connections between different service providers, and cooperate with faculties in the country and abroad while encouraging research projects in its field of work. .
Specific goals:
- Compile, systematize and transfer the best practices and methods of educational and rehabilitation work;
- Provide methodological assistance to professional associates in the field of education and rehabilitation of children and young people
PAS, and parents of children with PAS;
- Provide training programs with qualified lecturers/professors;
Educational rehabilitation programs, workshops and counseling center for:

– Professional associates;
– Parents;
– Students;
– Personal assistants;