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After child's development difficulties are determined, the transdisciplinary team develops individual educational rehabilitation plan for the child and his/ her family (IEP is made from age 3 to 21)

While developing the IEP the team should take into consideration the child’s strengths, parents’ preoccupation with their child’s education, results of the first or the latest assessment of the child (including private evaluation conducted by parents), academic, developmental and functional needs of a child.

In the case of a child whose behavior disrupts his/ her learning, team is obliged to consider the usage of positive behavior interventions and take into consideration communication needs of a child.

IEP implies:
  • child's current functional and academic level.
  • measurable annual goals, including academic and functional goals.
  • evaluation of a child's progress according to the set goals.
  • special educational services, related services and additional services which are provided to a child.
  • the schedule of services which are to be provided, including the frequency, duration and the place of service provision.
  • alternation of the program or support for the school staff on behalf of the child.
  • recommendations about duration of education in regular institutions and in special institutions
  • special instructions on group activities with children of typical development.
  • IEP also includes other relevant information which are required for a child's family as well as a health plan or a behaviour plan.
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