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Early intervention programmes have to be thought out in a way that parents can recognize developmental needs of imperiled children and programmes should be focused on strengthening family capacities in order to fulfill child's developmental needs.

EI includes the child as well as his/ her parents, family and the wide network

Even though each child has been born with unique biology, it does not determine the final outcome of his/ her development. Early intervention can be defined through all forms of encouraging drected towards children and consulting directed towards parents, which is applied as outright and direct consequence of certain defined developmental state.

EI attempts to prevent developmental problems which might endanger child’s development in the future. When we talk about the vulnerable group we can include:

  • Children with developmental disorders
  • Children with the risk for suffering from developmental disorders
  • Children from unfavorable social conditions
  • Children who do not belong to any of the previously mentioned categories, such as children suffering from ADHD, children who have mentally ill parents, children of migrants etc.

Early intervention in childhood consists of multidisciplinary services which are provided to children with developmental risks in order to enhance child’s health and well-being, fortify the skill development, diminish developmental backwardness or the appearance of developmental problems, prevent functional degradation and advance the adaptive parenting and overall family functioning (Sonkoff and Meisels, 2003).

Family context affects the developmental outcome of all children, regardless the developmental risk or difficulties, by creating interaction forms among which crucial are:
Quality of parent-child interaction (it is considered to be the most important factor of all: contingent, warm and encouraging, non-violent, appropriately structured, oriented towards child's focus)
The range in which the family offers to the child the opportunities for varied and appropriate experiences by surrounding the child with suitable social and physical environment
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