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In cooperation with pediatricians we perform early detection of children's problems using development tests in the age of 9- 18 months

Most of the symptoms which are present in autism spectrum disorders include the behaviors which, in the typically developing children are being intensively developed in the age of 9 to 18 months.

In cooperation with pediatricians, children younger than 18 months, who show the signs of aberrant development which can indicate to ASD, are referred to psychologist to the assessment of development status. If, during the assessment, the development aberrations are confirmed the child is included in the early intervention system. Standardized diagnostic procedure for the ASD is conducted at the mental age of 18 months.

When there is a higher risk for the development of autistic spectrum disorder, it is necessary to examine the warning signs during the check-up at the age of 12 months and to do the same thing at the age of 18 months. The group of children with higher risk for ASD is following:

  • children who have positive family anamnesis on the autism spectrum disorder
  • children who have genetic abberations such as fragile x syndrome, tuberous sclerosis or metabolic illnesses
  • children whose mothers during the pregnancy were exposed to medicaments such as thalidomide and valproic acid
  • children of older parents
Early signs (red flags)
  • absence of smile and other, warm, happy expressions by 6 months and later
  • absence of babbling till 12. month
  • absence of interactive gestures such as pointing gestures,, reaching objects or waving to 12. month
  • absence of the first word by the age of 16 months
  • absence of two part phrases with a meaning by the age of 12 months (not taking into account the immediate echolalia)
  • the loss of language or social skills at any age during the preschool period
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