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After gathering the data on the child’s developmental history, child’s family, family history of medical and developmental conditions and child’s social surrounding we offer three types of diagnosis:

If there is a suspicion to some developmental problem or if you believe that your child might suffer from the Autisic spectrum disorders (ASD)

The parents are advised to do complete child’s diagnostic evaluation to exclude or determine the disorders from autistic spectrum. Transdisciplinary diagnostic team evaluates and diagnoses the disorders from autistic spectrum and other developmental disorders at children younger than 6. Our diagnostic team consists of child psychiatrist. Psychologist, physiatrician, specialist of early intervention in education rehabilitation, educational rehabilitator and speech therapist. Neuropediatrician and social worker are included as well as expert assistants.



Child’s cognitive, communicative, language, speech and adaptive skills are assessed in a comprehensive way. We detect developmental delays, provide diagnostic explanations and offer specific therapy recommendations.

Given that children have limited attention span and patience, the assessments are usually conducted during morning appointments and, if needed, early intervention specialist visits the family.

PSYCHOLOGICAL DIAGNOSTICS children above the age of 6 years

When the preoccupation is present regarding the socialization and/ communication or when there is a suspicion about possible autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

We offer second opinion and re-assessment for the children who have already been given a diagnosis in early age. Our team consists of child psychiatrist, psychologist, educational rehabilitator and speech therapist. Social pedagogue and social worker are included as expert associates as well.

We offer comprehensive assessment of socialization, communication, intellectual abilities, emotional functioning, behavior and self care skills.

We offer diagnostic explanations as well as specific therapy and educational recommendations..

PREEDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT children above the age of 6 and for young people who attend school or university

When there is a preoccupation about academic/ school functioning, socialization and communication

Our team consists of child psychiatrist, child psychologist, educational rehabilitator and, if needed, speech therapist and social pedagogue.

We assess in a comprehensive way the communication, cognitive abilities, social and emotional functioning, self care skills, behavior and learning styles.

After the diagnostic evaluation of a child our team discusses our diagnostic impressions with parents and gives recommendations for rehabilitation. The team helps you find the appropriate rehabilitation service in the community which suits your child and your family needs.

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