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A training center, which has a special responsibility to develop work methods considering the clients, operates within the clinic

General aims are to take the leading role in developing the best practices while providing educational and rehabilitation services (in one’s specific work area), as well as helping other service providers to improve the quality of their work.

In order to achieve the objectives, training centre conducts the supervisions, briefing of specific cadres and gathers the information which might help in developing the best practices, establish the connections between different service providers and cooperate with universities within the country and abroad while encouraging research projects in their area of work

Specific goals:
  • combine, systematize and transfer the best
  • ensure the methodological help to expert associates in education and rehabilitation of children and adolescents suffering from ASD and parents of children suffering from ASD
  • ensure the improving programs with qualified lecturer/ professors
Training centre services:

Educational rehabilitation programs, workshops and counselling centre for:

  • expert assistants
  • parents
  • students
  • personal assistant
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